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Everyday life can be a struggle for people with chronic pain. It takes a physical, emotional, and financial toll, often becoming too much to bear alone. That’s why Rising Above The Pain exists. We help individuals cope with their pain through various support and charitable efforts – and the generosity of people like you. Become a nonprofit for chronic pain sponsor or donor today to make a difference in people’s lives. Together, we can ease the burden and improve people’s lives in a meaningful way.

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Getting involved with our organization is easy. We welcome sponsors, donors, and volunteers. To get started, fill out our form and indicate what kind of involvement interests you. You can select membership, volunteering, or participating in online support groups. Contact us if you have any questions about donating or volunteering. The time you take out for someone else’s well-being is a priceless gift.

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Whether you’re interested in making a one-time donation or volunteering for one of our chronic pain group support initiatives, we’re glad to have you. You’ll join a list of dedicated individuals and organizations working to give others better lives. Some of our current partners include:

Synovation Medical Group
Synovation Medical Group, Chronic Pain Service Center
Homequest Real Estate

IE Pain Consulting, Inc.

Best Rate Finance 

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